Travel to Canada/Quarantine Request Form

Travel to Canada/Quarantine Request Form

Please complete this form if you are travelling to Canada for your studies at York even if you do not require quarantine accommodations through the university.

International students arriving in Toronto who are enrolled in courses are eligible for quarantine accommodation arranged by York University. Please fill in the following information so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for your accommodation.

NOTE: Please confirm that your flight is booked before completing this form.

If you are requesting quarantine accommodation from York, you will receive a separate confirmation with details about your quarantine plans and responsibilities.

If you will be quarantine in a place of your own choosing and not with York, please file your quarantine plan using this form.

NOTE: Please do not re-submit this form if you want to change your date of arrival. Instead, complete the Date of Arrival Change/Cancellation Form here.

Please note, as of February 22, new travel measures are in place. All travellers entering Canada must do a 3-night stopover at a federally-approved hotel. If you are travelling within a few days of submitting this form, we will not be able to book your accommodation in time for your travel. As wait times to get through to the call centre to book federally approved hotels are very long, you may wish to delay your travel to a later date.

For questions about this form or quarantine, please contact